Tools & Downloads

LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE TOOL - A lesson in attraction-based leadership
(apply your personal values to all critical areas of your life, to become a leader that people are attracted to because you exhibit high character.)

UPDATED Wheel of Life Tool and Instructions

10-Step Strategy to Balance Lesson - Learn how to vision & plan

Balance Planning Sheet (and extra worksheet with more lines)

THE CLEAN SWEEP ASSESSMENT TOOL - This tool helps you assess what you have in order and what things in your life might be slowing you down from ultimate productivity!

28 Principles of Attraction. How attractive are you? Want to learn more on this? Go to www.thesecret.tv and watch the movie/documentary for $5.

Personal Character Assessment (Coachville)

Coachablility Index - are you coachable?

Extreme Self Care Assessment Program (Coachville)

NeedLess Program (Coachville)

Personal Foundation Program/Assessment (Coachville)

Toleration Free Program & Ideas (separate list)

15 Coaching Deliverables (PDF)

Coaching Priorities (PDF)

Quiz: Is Coaching For Me? (DOC)

What Do I Need From My Coach? (DOC)

Coaching Session Prep Form (DOC)

Personal Profile (DOC)

Business and Strategic Planning

This section is for fun! To make life simple. Here are some resources to shortcut your day to motivate and inspire you to get what you need to get done quickly!