VISION. You will have a clear idea of where you want to go and how to get there. Often we know the end result, but do not see what it takes to get there. This is critical for your success. You cannot do what you cannot first see. Coaching will ask you questions to make sure your vision is strong.

MOTIVATION.You will know what you really want and understand your unique values and motives to keep you moving forward. Stop procrastinating, delaying and putting off because of fears, perfectionism and doubts.

FOCUS.You will be able to operate with clear priorities, doing what is most important which will allow you to excel In the midst of "urgent" demands and busy chaotic schedules and lives.

CLARITY.Each coaching session deepens your learning about how you work and think. Coaching also prepares you for action and supports you in getting crystal clear on the steps to take. By working with a coach, you will get a helicopter perspective so that you can return to your business and navigate quickly because you have taken the time to assess where you are going. You will be able to see what is right in front of you and develop a plan to forge ahead.

ENERGY.You will find yourself working at your optimum potential. Why? When you are operating in line with your values, life just simply comes together in an easy way. Coaching will give you the encouragement, momentum, and natural dynamics to operate more efficiently and effectively. You cannot get more hours in the day, but if you have more energy, you will get more done and feel great!

SPEED.You will be more effective. Through planning and strategizing, you will be able to eliminate ineffective methods and enhance those methods that are most natural to supporting you in reaching your goals more quickly.

PRODUCTIVITY.You will simply get more done. Coaching will keep your goals clear and in line with your vision. Next, it ensures that what you are doing is important to furthering the bottom line, not just what is urgent, easy or obvious. Then, the regular accountability provides a structure that will keep you moving forward, so you can really get it all done.

RESULTS.Through regular coaching and consistent follow-up, you will increase your bottom-line results. Profits. Clients. Personal Passions. Weight Loss. Whatever your objective is, coaching is a strategic partnership to support you in getting what you want as quickly as possible. If you are ready and motivated, you can actually double what you accomplish in the same period of time.

SUCCESS.You will be more successful. Through keeping focused on what you want, the goals and the plan, coaching helps you keep the big picture in mind while you implement the small steps. While focusing on the goals, coaching monitors the balance in your whole life, so you are not distracted with life pulls but have all the elements of your life complementing your actions. Before you know it, your goal is complete!

The Bottom Line


The #1 reason to hire a coach is to have a strategic partner to THINK IT THROUGH. Your family is not neutral and does not necessarily have the ability to give constructive feedback. Your boss, up-line or co-worker is also not neutral and may have the same blind spots that you do. Your friends only want to hear so much about your work and few are willing to spend hours planning with you. The most common misconception of coaching is that it's for people who are struggling and need help. While coaching can help these people too, we are not talking about people who NEED help. In order to be successful everyone needs to stop, think it through and plan.

Top Reasons Why Businesses Fail:
General Business Factors

  • 78% - Lack of a well-developed business plan, including insufficient research on the business before starting it.
  • 73% Being overly optimistic about achievable sales, money required and about what needs to be done to be successful.
  • 70% Not recognizing, or ignoring, what they don't do well and not seeking help from those who do.
  • 63% Insufficient relevant and applicable business experience.

Financial Factors

  • 82% Poor cash flow management skills/poor understanding of cash flow
  • 79% Starting out with too little money.
  • 77% Not pricing properly - failure to include all necessary items when setting prices

Marketing Factors

  • 64% Minimizing the importance of promoting the business properly.
  • 55% Not understanding who your competition is or ignoring the competition.
  • 47% Too much focus and reliance on one customer/client.

Human Resource Factors

  • 58% Inability to delegate properly - micro-managing work given to others or over delegating and abdicating important management responsibilities.
  • 56% Hiring the wrong people - clones of themselves and not people with complimentary skills or hiring friends and relatives.

Source: Jessie Hagen, U.S. Bank

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