Christy has been an invaluable resource to my business and personal life over the last 8 years. With her insight, I've been able to set and achieve goals that I've long desired. Christy's professionalism, wisdom, and care make her an effective and trustworthy confidant while navigating the many arenas of a successful business and life: managing people, increasing profit, getting clear on the why of my business, and setting personal goals. I’ve learned that although my schedule is very full as the CEO of a large landscaping company, my time spent with Christy planning and sharpening our company’s focus has proved essential to its growth and success.

Daniel B. Currin CEO/President, Greenscape, Inc.

RTC has been working with Christy for three years now. We have relied on her to help our staff members overcome blind spots, shift into greater performance capacities, and lead according to our core values. To date, Christy has worked with at least a dozen of our staff members, including our leadership, and she has been a sensational asset for our hiring process to help us ensure we are bringing aboard new staff who can grow and thrive with us. We recently shifted to a retainer relationship with Christy that is proving instrumental to developing leaders within the organization. As an entrepreneur, I am alive at the helm of the ship. Christy helps us keep the engine room running beautifully by supporting our operations and editorial teams so we can head out to deeper waters. She is invaluable to our transformational growth and we love her dearly. 

Corey Blake Founder and President

Christy helped me greatly with her expertise in learning how to organize my projects, tasks, and strategic planning. She gave me exceedingly helpful insight as I worked through the process of building and expanding a team to accomplish the goals of the department I oversee. Not a day goes by that I don't benefit from tips and insights she has shared with me.

Professor Rich Gurgel Director of Continuing Education, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Christy is a polished and superb Executive Coach. She is able to listen, assess, and provide support where it is needed most. Christy is particularly skilled at finding the perfect resources to expedite any executive's professional development. I strongly recommend Christy!

Patti (Cusimano) Gomas Strategic eCommerce and Marketing Executive

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Christy in a number of settings most notably I worked with her while I was with Mutual of Omaha. Christy is full of ideas and has great drive and desire to see those ideas through. She is an excellent motivator and also great at bringing people together and creating consensus. Her expertise and experience has been of great benefit to me professionally and working with her in volunteer activities has also been very rewarding. Christy adds value to the people around her and I recommend seeking her expertise to anyone looking to take their career and personal life to another level.

Scott Garrett Sr Fixed Asset Accountant

Christy is very helpful in assisting people to sort out the wheat from the chaff in their lives and in setting workable priorities. She's creative in coming up with solutions for problems that seem intractable, all the while working within the parameters of each individual's personality. She's an excellent listener and the counsel she gives is rich in wisdom and experience. I highly recommend her.

Paul Wendland President at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Christy has been a huge help in working with me to design my career. She is wonderfully connected and has a grasp of resources needed for self-awareness and for connecting that to a great career. I would recommend her again and would use her again.

David Phillips Systems and Process Analyst, Transitional Leader, Thinker and Coach

Christy was a critical resource for me at a time when I was dissatisfied with my job and looking for more fulfillment on a day-to-day basis. With her insightful questioning, genuine listening, and future-orientation, she helped me uncover the type of role that I could thrive in. Our regular phone calls were a key part of keeping me accountable for completing various career and networking activities.

I'm grateful for her coaching and consulting, and would gladly recommend her to other individuals looking for personal insight and accountability as they evolve in their careers.

Sam Freed Product Manager at Accruent

Christy has been a valued Active TCC Member Coach with The Coach Connection, which in itself is quite a tribute to Christy. Christy is one of less than 7% of coaches who pass our rigorous screening process. I readily recommend Christy to our clients and she is not only very popular, but our clients love her because they achieve their remarkable goals quickly and with a lot of fun. One of the very best coaches around and I say that rarely.

Bill Dueease President/Owner The Coach Connection

Christy is an incredible thought partner, coach, and organizational consultant. I have partnered with a lot of trainers over the last 25 years, and Christy is among the best I have ever worked with - she is multi-talented! She custom designs all her processes, she delivers powerful results driven training experiences, and ensures all key learning tools are fully implemented through her effective coaching processes. Christy is one of the few consultants out in the market today that brings a high level of integrity to every initiative she takes on, which is one of the many reasons I have hired her on multiple occasions. I would not hesitate recommending her to any organization, and/or professional who wants to evolve, learn and grow! 

Tracey Burchette-Simmons Experienced Sales Professional, Sales Coach and Personal and Professional Development Specialist

Without exception- The best Coach Advice and skill set I’ve seen. Christy’s ability to size up the situation, look at it from all angles and then fire off solid, decisive, precise action plans to execute has helped me and my Company immensely. Christy’s organizational skills coupled with real-time, first hand business experience made Synergy Strategies the best possible solution. I would recommend Coach Christy to anyone and everyone doing business, period.

Andrew Goddard Owner Goddard Technologies, Inc.

Before I met Christy I thought there wasn't much to coaching, but she has completely changed my opinion. She is blessed with a unique combination of gifts--she is insightful and a clear thinker, and she is able to gently though persistently move her clients toward their goals. Her sound knowledge of business and business practices allows her to guide leaders by helping them to find clarity, and to focus and plan effectively, in order to transform their organizations. Her understanding of human behavior gives her the ability to work with business leaders and to guide them on how to work with their own teams to improve performance and productivity. While she is kind and thoughtful, she is a no-nonsense coach who does not lose sight of her role and why she is working with her client. She's an invaluable resource to me and to our company.

Zuni Corkerton Founder and President

Christy is an insightful and intuitive coach and mentor. She has a wonderful set of skills that combined a core business understanding with the human element. Look forward to working with her in the future.

Kenneth H. Marks, CM&AA, CFQhttp://www.highrockpartners.com/