Performance – Personal Growth


  • Designing Environments for Success – Get results with less work. Be intentional about your surroundings and aspects of your life. If you want to create change and results in your life, you must align everything around you to support that effort. Learn what areas to pay attention to and design systems that naturally support your objectives.                             i_designedenvironments
  • Why We Do What We Do and Not What We Could Do – Enlightenment that breaks down the "gremlin" (or negative self-talk) that keeps us from personal growth, change & development.               i_gremlin
  • Do it right the first time! Start with clarity. - Identify your vision, mission, goals and steps for action.


  • BEAR Seminar (DISC) – Understand personality types to enhance ability to interact with others.                                                               i_disc
  • Communication – Learn how to ask questions, respond and follow-up with people for optimal success.                                                          i_customerservice
  • Principles of Attraction – How to get people to gravitate to you naturally.


  • Developing a Strong Personal Foundation – Optimize focus, productivity and clarity in life.
  • Living a Life with Heart & Soul - Align your life with your gifts, talents and core values.
  • "Need-Less" Program - – Solidify your personal needs and find ways to get those met without burning out
  • Eliminating Tolerations & Frustrations – How to “clean house” & get in the "flow".
  • Transition – Discovering Your Personal Path Through Change.

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