What Not To Do

In his Linked-in article "9 Things Successful People Won't Do," Dr. Travis Bradberry, the coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and President at TalentSmart, says "managing your emotions is as much about what you won’t do as it is about what you will do."  This is a follow-up article to "How Successful People Stay Calm" and offers specific suggestions of things not to do if you want to succeed at staying clam. Here is a quick list of Dr. Bradberry's 9 Things Successful People Won't Do.

Emotional IntelligenceThey Won’t:

  1. Let Anyone Limit Their Joy
  2. Forget
  3. Die in the Fight
  4. Prioritize Perfection
  5. Live in the Past
  6. Dwell on Problems
  7. Hang Around Negative People
  8. Hold Grudges
  9. Say Yes Unless They Really Want To

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach, www.synergystrategies.com

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