Staying Organized on a Weekly Basis

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to have more family balance and be more organized at home in 2011? Here was HGTV's tips on staying organized on a weekly basis.  


Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning

  • Plan out the week's meals on Sunday afternoon and create a shopping list.
  • Designate a time for coupon clipping and commit to it. Recycle unused coupons.
  • Shop once a week for family meals, bringing your menu plan with you.

Family Schedules

  • Review the calendar for the week with other family members to ensure you have all appointments accounted for.


  • Set up a routine schedule for dry cleaning. Many dry cleaners will pick up and deliver weekly; your office might offer a similar program.
  • Attempt to do as much washing, folding and ironing before the week begins. This will save time during the week.


  • Remove trash, and organize must-haves for the car.
  • Find homes for everything that does not belong in your car."

Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer,  Minneapolis, MN

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