Scorecards and Dashboards

7As leaders, we are usually diligent at the end of a year to review where we have been and reflect on where we want to go. We take time to set goals and encourage our team to set goals as well. Sometimes people post their goals but usually they are on a worksheet and by this time of the year are getting buried. Good goal planning will advise posting the goal in THREE spots where you will see it daily and can read it often.  If you have goals and they are not posted, consider doing that simple step right now! The challenge with goals is usually ACCOUNTABILITY to the goal. How is it going? Is progress being made? Was there a milestone set? Are we past that? Some leaders who do well with planning follow the rule of thumb 10 min to plan your next day, 1 hour to plan your week and 1 day to plan your next month. These leaders will pull out their planning sheets, traction organizer, business plan ... whatever tools they are using to outline their vision, focus and goals. They then set their plan for the next month. This is a good practice, but can be time consuming and challenging to connect the dots month to month unless you have a SCORECARD or DASHBOARD. These two tools are phenomenal game changers to track performance and goals for your team.

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,

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