Organize your MIND… traveling made simple

ProductivityCreating systems can help minimize forgetfulness and confusion during busy times. Whether traveling or just away from the office, plan for this "break".

BEFORE YOU GO. What do you need to cover while you are gone?


  • Block the day after you get back for getting caught up.
  • Have 3 bins: NOW, this week and later (for magazines, etc.).
  • Write your voice messages each on a sheet and put them in the appropriate bin. Do the same with your mail.  Mirror the system for e-mails.
  • Adopt the "touch it once" policy and put it in one of the bins or trash it. Sort quickly and then only deal with the NOW bin before you move on to anything else.
  • Unpack, laundry… do it all so you don’t look at it a week later as you feel more and more behind.

Christy Geiger

Strategic Planning Coach


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