What is Coaching?

Is Coaching for me?

People who are committed and serious about being the BEST work with coaches. Why do professional athletes have a coach when it was their God-given gifts and talents that got them there? They ALL have coaches because they know that they need the perspective, the push and that support that a coach provides. Business and Life Coaching operates in the same way, only for the mind. If you care about on-going development for your career and life, coaching is a tool you should not be without.

If you could begin moving in a direction that would bring clarity, focus, and excitement to your life, what would you choose? Let’s get together and talk about what program would serve you or your team/business the best. A FREE Strategy Coaching Session is available to explore how to take your business or life to the next level! Sign up for a Free Strategy Session

How does coaching work?

Who are your clients?

What does coaching provide?

What are your specialties?

How long does coaching take?

What is the cost?

Cancellations of Contracts?

How Does Coaching Work? This can be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Most are set up as follows:

  • 4, 30 min. or 3, 50-minute phone sessions per month
  • e-mail support throughout the month
  • short 5-minute support calls as needed

Who Are Your Clients?
People who are:

  • Already successful people, looking to enhance it more.
  • Ready to make meaningful changes.
  • Willing to do the work outside coach sessions.
  • Committed to making the process a priority.
  • Willing to “try on” new ideas.
  • Can be honest with the coach.

What Does Coaching Provide?
In coaching, you will enjoy:

  • New & Fresh perspective
  • Encouragement & Support
  • Insights & solutions to problems
  • Accountability to your goals
  • Clarity in life
  • Transformation in personal and business life
  • Feedback & ideas

What Are Your Specialties?

  • People in transition (looking for career, looking to changes career, moving, new stage of life, etc.)
  • Professionals & creative individuals looking to improve and better themselves
  • Entrepreneurs in start-up companies & independent business owners

How Long Does Coaching Take?

This also varies from one month, to more commonly 3-6 months. It is usually within the framework of 6 months that most goals and habit-forming shifts occur.

What Is The Cost?
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  • All rates are for "phone coaching". In-person coaching can be arranged, however, an additional $50 per session fee is added.
  • All coaching includes unlimited e-mail support.
  • Sliding Scale rates are available for "unemployed" business owners starting their business, pastors and teachers and lower income professionals.
  • To pick the best package for you, schedule a sample strategy session

Cancellations of Contracts?
It is important that the coach/coachee relationship is providing value. If you are not getting what you are looking for, let's first discuss it and then if we cannot resolve it, we will terminate our coaching agreement at the end of the month. You will be refunded for the unused portion of sessions, minus the discounted rate for the longer contract. I want you to get the most out of coaching, so if I can refer you to another coach who would better match your style, I am happy to do that. I am interested in you and your success!

What are the core skills of a coach?   The ICF is the regulating body for the coaching industry and sets these standards for coaches. The more a coach as practiced and coached the greater mastery they have of each of these skills. See the details here:    https://coachfederation.org/app/uploads/2017/12/CoreCompetencies.pdf