Top 10 ways to get SYNERGY

Synergy Strategies

  1. PLUG IN.  Identify what gives you ENERGY in your life.  Make a list of at least 5 things that give you energy.  What do you love to do?  What do you find yourself naturally attracted to?  Know what these are, because they are your “fuel” and keep you charged.
  2. CLEAN HOUSE.  Clean out and purge anything slowing you down.
  3. BE AUTHENTIC.  Identify and live in alignment with your natural self (personality, style and strengths).
  4. LIVE YOUR VALUES. Live in congruency with your core values.
  5. SEE THE VISION.  Where do you want to be in 5 years? Establish your personal VISION.
  6. PLAN A DIRECTION.  Develop the stages and steps to get where you want to go.
  7.  AIM PRECISELY.  Determine, define and measure your focus and activities.
  8.  CULTIVATE CHANGE. Keep it fresh and innovate what is not working.
  9.  MAKE IT HAPPEN. Do something. Commit to the plan and take action.
  10.  AFFIRM DAILY. Be most reminded of your focus through reading it daily so it is part of your subconscious memory.

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,

10 To Do’s When You Are In a Rut

do something

  1. Stop the mind spinning – do a purge page and get it out!
  2. Review where you are trying to go and what is in your way
  3. Be thankful for what you have and is working
  4. Give yourself 24 hours to be in a funk and commit to moving on after that
  5. Clean and remove clutter that is weighing you down and distracting you
  6. Get out and observe the world – allow for new thinking
  7. Do something for someone else (pour out on others positively)
  8. Talk to someone to get a plan and accountability
  9. Take ONE step – do ONE thing
  10. Align your actions to the results you want

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,

10 Benefits of Professional Coaching

  1. PERSONALIZED – custom to you, your goals and needs
  2. VISION – see clearly where you want to go and how to get there
  3. MOTIVATION – understand your unique values and motives to keep you moving forward
  4. FOCUS – zero in on what are the most important things which will allow you to excel
  5. CLARITY – prepare for action and what supports you to be crystal clear on the steps to take
  6. ENERGY – design how to work at your optimum potential
  7. SPEED – be more effective
  8. PRODUCTIVITY – get more done
  9. RESULTS – increase your bottom-line results
  10. SUCCESS – hold the big picture while implementing the small steps

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,