20+ Sutras and Mantras for Being Here Now Enough

Today’s rumination (inspired by the gifted wordsmith, Alexandra Franzen) is for those of you (like me) who sometimes over-extend, over-indulge, over-analyse what could happen or what’s already happened, undermine yourself + your actions, and then experience overt guilt and a severe case of un-productivity.

Over or under-anything robs you of your experience of here & now & enough. It’s rooted in the nefarious notion that this moment, right here, right now, in all its magnificence, with everything it’s offering … just. isn’t. enough.

And to that, I say Bullshit!
Here and now is all we have. It’s all we will ever have. And it’s more plenty enough for forward-traction. The Present. This is where the facts live. The facts of who you are, who you need to be, what needs to be done differently and what you have to work with to do it differently. It’s also where pro-active-ness lives. The present is where you have the resources, the momentum, the clarity, the tenacity, the awareness, the weight to make peace with the past and create + shape + influence what happens next. The present holds power.

What if we liberate ourselves from over-ing + under-ing, and get completely rooted in the present?
Even if for a single moment.
How about this moment?


(Pick one. Pick ‘em all. Or create your own. Recite + repeat as needed.)

  1. I focus on my breath. I breathe in life force. I breathe out everything I don’t need right now.
  2. I choose to release what does not serve me right now.
  3. I forgive myself for the things I cannot change. And now, I let them go.
  4. I did what I did, I knew what I knew, I said what I said. It is done.
  5. I did the best I could with what I had.
  6. The way it happened is the only way it could have happened.
  7. I release all fears and doubts.
  8. I choose to purge my past, drop my baggage and step fully into my here and now.
  9. Something needs to be done right now AND nothing needs to be done right now.
  10. I’ve done the exact and perfect amount of enough (that I was meant to do) today.
  11. I stand in the presence of possibility.
  12. Being quiet & still is the kindest thing I can do for me.
  13. I am great.full for this present moment and everything it offers me.
  14. I am centred. I am grounded. I am rooted.
  15. When I am centred, grounded + rooted, I hold the space for others to be the same.
  16. I will figure it out. For now, my mind is at peace.
  17. When I focus on the present moment, I open myself up to stillness and spontaneity, clarity and creativity.
  18. I am open and empty and present to receive Divine guidance. (and by Divine, I mean whatever inner or higher power you have faith in).
  19. Life never dishes out more than I can handle.
  20. I am here now. I’ll be there later.
  21. By being present, I am creating + shaping + influencing what happens next.
  22. In this moment, I am a laser beam of lucid attention and intuition.
  23. Presence holds power. I am present. I am powerful. I am a powerful presence.
  24. I am here. I am now. I am enough.
  1. Right here, right now, the only thing that matters to me…is you.
  2. I hear you. I see you. And what you have to say matters to me right now.
  3. I choose to be here, now…with you. And I’ve made the best choice.

What do you do to alleviate the experience of over-ing and under-ing….?

Neshika Bell |

New Year Planning

I hope you are doing well and are getting ready for a great New Year!!

If you are in the mood to reflect on the year and plan forward, my favorite planning tool is attached.  This Goal Planning Workbook is a great way to implement your New Year's resolutions and creating a game plan for a productive and prosperous new year!

Here is a quick view of the five-step process.  You can download the complete Workbook here,

#1 Evaluate & Design: Evaluate each area of your life. Consider adjustments that need to happen in the different areas of my life....

                                                                                                      Current Status                                  How I want it to be
Finances (Money)
Me/Personal Growth
Space (office/home)
Career Development
Friends/Extended Family
Immediate Family

PICK ONE AREA TO FOCUS ON: _______________________

#2 - Planning: What do you have to do to reach your goal?

  1. My Big Picture Goal (make sure your goal is not too small. This is where you are headed, your big picture!)
  2. What I need to do to make that happen (Buckets or key focus for success)
  3. Roadblocks that could get in the way (What could stop you?)
  4. What to do? Ways I can overcome the roadblocks (action steps)
  5. So what? (if this happens, what will it mean to me?)

#3 Key Action Steps: Consider what key things you will need to do to accomplish your goal. Create a list of SMART milestones that are important to move you along the road to goal success. LIST....

#4 Setting Goal Themes and areas of focus: Considering your goal and the key action steps above; consider which areas you would like to focus on each month for the next year to keep you moving forward one step at a time. (i.e. accounting, processes, staffing, HR, marketing, etc.) LIST BY MONTH....

#5 Monthly Planner for Goal Milestones: Considering your goal, outline each month's activities you will do in each month to keep you moving forward one step at a time. 

  • a milestone target - (i.e your goal is to double your sales by the end of the year, so each month, you will increase by 5%, so in 10 months you have doubled your goal.)
  • special projects or initiatives you are doing to support accomplishing your goal (i.e. in Feb you might purge all files and update all contacts in support of organization)
  • activities (1x or on-going) you are doing to overcome obstacles (i.e. 5 networking events/mo.) LIST BY MONTH....

Print out the tool for graphics and to use as a paper plan.

Counting the blessings of the past year and wishing you the best in 2017.

Coach Christy Geiger, Synergy Strategies

Live Leadership at a higher level.
Get Clarity. Stay Focused. Plan for Success.

Can Others Help You Win in Your Business?

An independent business owner (IBO) often thinks he has to “do it all.” For example, he may say, "I AM my business, who else can help with this?” You can outsource just about anything, for a price. Many IBO's may do this for technical things (web development, printing, etc.) but try to fight through the marketing, selling, Social Media, development, administration and accounting, etc. You cannot be good at everything! Even if you work in a specialized field, there are probably things you are not so good at and that cause you to waste a lot of time. Consider how you can partner with people around you to create win-win situations.

For example, the networking organization BNI ( is structured as a sales team for each member of the group. You sell for the other people and they sell for you. A great way to expand your sales efforts up to 40 fold, in just a few hours a week.


  • Consider what is on your plate.
  • Rate on a scale from 1-5 what you are great at vs. what you don't like and takes you a lot of time
  • Brainstorm how you could collaborate with someone else to get this done. Since this is thinking outside "buying" assistance, consider how to make win-win situations.

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,

15 Minute Bounce Back

A quick but structured exercise to reduce stress and fatigue

Source: Deb Giffen, MCC, MAPP

Goal of this intervention: The goal of this intervention is to give you a quick and effective way to relieve stress and anxiety that can arise during the course of everyday events. This resiliency exercise will give you a structured approach for slowing down, assessing the situation at hand, reframing the situation more accurately, and setting off on a more productive and satisfying course of action. Your ability to step back and redirect your stress and anxiety will enhance your performance at work, will aid in parenting skills, will build relationships and contribute to a host of other complex situations.

How to conduct this intervention:

  1. BMW Release: a 1-minute ”...moan and whine” session to vent and release the tension
  2. Oxygenate:  10 deep belly breaths; breathe in to a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, breathe out for a count of 4
  3. Values Anchor: emotionally connect with 3 things you deeply value or love
  4. The Context: make a quick list of what is Known, what is Unknown and what is Fuzzy about the situation
  5. The Challenge: Define the specific challenge you’re facing right now, in one sentence
  6. The Goal: Flip the challenge into its “positive opposite”. This becomes the goal that you’d most like to achieve.
  7. The Obstacles:   Identify the 2 or 3 of the key obstacles that you may face in achieving your goal; these are the “buts” that come to mind as you state your goal; then flip the challenges into additions to your goal statement.
  8. Identifying Energizing Question and Action Steps: Create a “learner” question, as opposed to a “judger” question (Marilee Goldberg Adams) and jot down 2 or 3 action steps you could take to help move you closer to your goal (this does not need to resolve the entire situation—just start moving you in the right direction).
  9. White Board: Take some more deep belly breaths with eyes closed while you imagine looking at a blank white board. Ask yourself: is there anything else I need to know?
  10. Clarify Action Steps and Your Role: Define the role you need to play to achieve the action (what “hat” will you wear: authentic leader, communicator, parent, teacher, mindful listener, supportive spouse etc.?)

Questions to ask your client – some suggestions

  • Were you able to work through each step?
  • Did this exercise help to reduce your stress or anxiety in the moment—did it provide you with a direction to take?
  • Were there any steps that were more difficult for you to complete?
  • Were there any steps that you found particularly helpful in moving you forward?

Expected outcome

This exercise should help your client to step back and gain a healthier perspective of the immediate situation. By progressing through these 10 steps, their stress and anxiety should be reduced and they should be able to return to carrying on with their day- with greater productivity and satisfaction.

Things to watch out for

  • A-type personalities may get impatient with the steps of this exercise, particularly towards the end. Encourage them to relax and consciously move through each action—perhaps using it as a deliberate experiment to see if they can slow down!
  • Your client may get stuck on one of the steps- running the risk of derailing the exercise. Encourage them to make a note of which step gave them difficulty—then discuss it more fully in your next session. Why did they get stuck? Is this a pattern? Can this step be reworked/rephrased to get them back on track?

Is there any science to support this intervention

The Penn Resiliency Project (PRP) has done extensive research in the areas of optimism and resiliency including 13 controlled studies among 2000 participants. Majority of these studies showed positive effects on anxiety and behavior.

From the website:, additional studies are cited: Resiliency is "... the inherent and nurtured capacity of individuals to deal with life's stresses in ways that enable them to lead healthy and fulfilled lives" (Howard & Johnson 1999).

"Resiliency is "the process of, capacity for, or the outcome of successful adaptation despite challenging or threatening circumstances." (Masten, Best and Garmezy (1990) We define resiliency as “taking a positive yet balanced asset approach to our abilities. Tap into and use our latent yet oh so very powerful innate skills and relationships to deal with adversity. (Ballard 2007)

Thank you to for providing some great resources!
Find more resources at

Top 10 ways to get SYNERGY

Synergy Strategies

  1. PLUG IN.  Identify what gives you ENERGY in your life.  Make a list of at least 5 things that give you energy.  What do you love to do?  What do you find yourself naturally attracted to?  Know what these are, because they are your “fuel” and keep you charged.
  2. CLEAN HOUSE.  Clean out and purge anything slowing you down.
  3. BE AUTHENTIC.  Identify and live in alignment with your natural self (personality, style and strengths).
  4. LIVE YOUR VALUES. Live in congruency with your core values.
  5. SEE THE VISION.  Where do you want to be in 5 years? Establish your personal VISION.
  6. PLAN A DIRECTION.  Develop the stages and steps to get where you want to go.
  7.  AIM PRECISELY.  Determine, define and measure your focus and activities.
  8.  CULTIVATE CHANGE. Keep it fresh and innovate what is not working.
  9.  MAKE IT HAPPEN. Do something. Commit to the plan and take action.
  10.  AFFIRM DAILY. Be most reminded of your focus through reading it daily so it is part of your subconscious memory.

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,

10 To Do’s When You Are In a Rut

do something

  1. Stop the mind spinning – do a purge page and get it out!
  2. Review where you are trying to go and what is in your way
  3. Be thankful for what you have and is working
  4. Give yourself 24 hours to be in a funk and commit to moving on after that
  5. Clean and remove clutter that is weighing you down and distracting you
  6. Get out and observe the world – allow for new thinking
  7. Do something for someone else (pour out on others positively)
  8. Talk to someone to get a plan and accountability
  9. Take ONE step – do ONE thing
  10. Align your actions to the results you want

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,

10 Benefits of Professional Coaching

  1. PERSONALIZED – custom to you, your goals and needs
  2. VISION – see clearly where you want to go and how to get there
  3. MOTIVATION – understand your unique values and motives to keep you moving forward
  4. FOCUS – zero in on what are the most important things which will allow you to excel
  5. CLARITY – prepare for action and what supports you to be crystal clear on the steps to take
  6. ENERGY – design how to work at your optimum potential
  7. SPEED – be more effective
  8. PRODUCTIVITY – get more done
  9. RESULTS – increase your bottom-line results
  10. SUCCESS – hold the big picture while implementing the small steps

Keep Charging & Shine!
Christy Geiger, Executive/Leadership Coach,