• The Top 10 Ways to Stay in the Business Flow While on Vacation

    Set Boundaries - Decide when and where you will check voice mail and e-mail. Limit your time and frequency of checking to one time a day. You are on vacation. Business Cards - Take 100 business cards and pass out along the way. You never know who will be so thankful that your paths crossed. A great habit is to pass out Continue Reading

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  • Your Winning Season!

    Are you winning your game? Are you playing at peak performance? Do you feel like you are sometimes on the court, but more often on the bench, in the bleachers, or (even worse) at the concession stands? There is a concept called “pattern language” which means taking language and concepts that are already familiar to you and applying them in Continue Reading

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  • A Four-Step PLAN to Successful New Year’s Resolutions

    New Year’s resolutions, otherwise known as "good intentions," are those things that are set at the beginning of the year when people feel they can wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start. It is said that 80% of all News Year’s resolutions fail. A survey conducted by Gail Kasper, LLC (www.gailkasper.com) finds that 51% of people don’t have Continue Reading

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  • Can Others Help You Win in Your Business?

    An independent business owner (IBO) often thinks he has to “do it all.” For example, he may say, "I AM my business, who else can help with this?” You can outsource just about anything, for a price. Many IBO's may do this for technical things (web development, printing, etc.) but try to fight through the marketing, selling, Social Media, development, Continue Reading

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  • Management Tips for Great Leaders

    Share information - SERIOUSLY! YES! DON't be cryptic! remember if you don't share the info or story, they will make it up - and it is rarely better than the truth Adjust your style I KNOW. REALLY? But yes! Know your team and their style and communicate in a way that speaks their language. It doesn't mean accommodating their whims, it Continue Reading

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  • Be Clear. Try Nightly Brain Dump & Clean Sweep

    Each night take 30 minutes for this game-changing routine! It can be at the end of your workday or at the end of the day. Start by “picking up” from the day – papers, tools you have used, notes, etc.  As you clean up it often triggers your mind of things you need to do. Allow this to integrate with Continue Reading

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