• Prioritize: Empty Your Full Plate!

    Brian Tracey has a great book, Eat That Frog. This book is awesome for illustrating the basic concept of prioritizing. In order for you to get your plate empty you will have to stop and assess what is the most important thing for you to get done. Our to-do lists do not usually include unimportant things to do. Everything is Continue Reading

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  • The Top 10 Ways to Stay in the Business Flow While on Vacation

    Set Boundaries - Decide when and where you will check voice mail and e-mail. Limit your time and frequency of checking to one time a day. You are on vacation. Business Cards - Take 100 business cards and pass out along the way. You never know who will be so thankful that your paths crossed. A great habit is to pass out Continue Reading

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  • The Power of Saying “NO”

    We are in a season where activities and demands are picking up. There are more schedules to manage and pulls on our time. In general, we want to be helpful and accommodating to people. Therefore we hate to say "NO". People often do anything to avoid this word. We will avoid people, redirect conversations, make excuses, be non-committal or simply Continue Reading

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  • Time Estimating Your To Do List

    Many of us make to-do lists. Usually, they are long and filled with a variety of tasks. Not only is it essential to prioritize the list of items, but also estimate how much time each task will take. Often when you do this, you find you have two days worth of to-dos on your list. One thing that zaps our Continue Reading

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  • Tackle the Important and Stop the Urgent

    Stephen Covey, in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, says that one of the traps of ineffective people is getting caught in doing the urgent rather than the important. Bottom-line this is reacting to life rather than responding.  While urgent things will come up, they seem to happen more when you are not planning. Eventually everything will become Continue Reading

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  • Recharging With Downtime

    Many people feel so busy they feel they just don't have time for a day off. So they keep working hard, day after day. Motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, encourages people to take a FULL day off where they do not think about work at all. The benefit of this allows your brain to rest and recharge. You will be more Continue Reading

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