• Prioritize: Empty Your Full Plate!

    Brian Tracey has a great book, Eat That Frog. This book is awesome for illustrating the basic concept of prioritizing. In order for you to get your plate empty you will have to stop and assess what is the most important thing for you to get done. Our to-do lists do not usually include unimportant things to do. Everything is Continue Reading

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  • The Top 10 Ways to Stay in the Business Flow While on Vacation

    Set Boundaries - Decide when and where you will check voice mail and e-mail. Limit your time and frequency of checking to one time a day. You are on vacation. Business Cards - Take 100 business cards and pass out along the way. You never know who will be so thankful that your paths crossed. A great habit is to pass out Continue Reading

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  • How to Focus to Execute Well

    “Do you want it right or do you want it on time?” Can things be done correctly and on time? When an organization has clarity around its goals and is focused, both quality and time can be attainable deliverables. I know it sounds easier said than done. However, by coaching dozens of executives over the years, I have watched leaders Continue Reading

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  • Be Planful. Have a Routine and Systems

    Systems are things like a set of folders on your desk labeled with your main 5-6 work categories. When items come in you put them in the folder and then schedule work time for each “bucket” of work. Bucket examples are administration, marketing, customer care, accounting/invoicing, production, development, etc. Consider what tasks you need to do each week and create Continue Reading

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  • Getting Clarity in Your Leadership Direction

    It is easy to get distracted by ambiguous goals, sales targets and many other issues of daily operations. As the leader though, it is imperative to HAVE and PROVIDE a clear path of direction.  This is for you to make strong decisions and for your team to be able to execute their part of the work. As we are clear Continue Reading

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  • Management Tips for Great Leaders

    Share information - SERIOUSLY! YES! DON't be cryptic! remember if you don't share the info or story, they will make it up - and it is rarely better than the truth Adjust your style I KNOW. REALLY? But yes! Know your team and their style and communicate in a way that speaks their language. It doesn't mean accommodating their whims, it Continue Reading

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