• 3 Keys To Get Traction In Your Life/Work

    In today’s highly changing business world, getting traction in your business or achieving success can be a challenge. Competing for people’s attention and standing out in the crowd are keys to get to where you want in business. With so many things to do, many quickly feel overwhelmed. First, don’t get so consumed by frustrations that these common problems run Continue Reading

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  • How Is Your Perspective Affecting You?

    It is obvious that depending on our location, distance and view we see things differently.  Understanding how perspective on topics and life outlooks can create differences and can lead to conflict, stress and challenge is less obvious. We might know this, but perspective can be a hard topic to self-reflect on. Due to the fact that we get attached and Continue Reading

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  • Change Can Be Challenging

    Change can be a challenging. Period. While some “like” change, most of the general population does not like change and even those who do, have areas they like it the way they have it. The challenge is that the world is constantly changing, like it or not. Generally speaking, if you do not change and evolve you become outdated and Continue Reading

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  • Energy Tips for Leaders on the Verge of Burnout 

    It is natural that there are some instances where you can feel discouraged, down and even depressed about the certain happenings in your work and life. However, it is best for you to take over your problems rather than your problems taking over you. As a leader, it can be a lonely place. You have information that you cannot share with Continue Reading

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  • Developing a Plan That Gets Results

    The old saying advises to plan your work, then work your plan. Simple as it is, it's one of the fundamental rules of good management and one that is often overlooked. Many great plans are made; few are followed. I get it. There are fires to put out and the day, week or quarter gets away from us. To stay on Continue Reading

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  • How to Focus to Execute Well

    “Do you want it right or do you want it on time?” Can things be done correctly and on time? When an organization has clarity around its goals and is focused, both quality and time can be attainable deliverables. I know it sounds easier said than done. However, by coaching dozens of executives over the years, I have watched leaders Continue Reading

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