Christy Geiger, Owner of Synergy Strategies & Business Productivity Coach

Professional Co-Active Coach
Guerrilla Marketing Coach
Marriage Family Child Counselor

Christy Geiger is a business and life coach, working largely with executives and IBO’s to save time, energy and money while they build their organizations and businesses. Her background in counseling & human resources, allows her to quickly understand people and how the business world works. Most of her work is done 1-on-1 in phone appointments, however, she also meets in-person coaching, group coaching and seminars. She is committed to supporting people to find possibilities and solutions for life. Through coaching, Christy supports people to find their life mission, vision, and purpose and supports them with tools to live it passionately!

Christy is strategic in nature and works with people to sort through the clutter, see patterns, anticipate outcomes or potential obstacles and find the best path to move forward. Christy loves assessing variables and situations to find the most productive configuration possible. Confusion is a puzzle to devise new options and identify better ways or new paths of least resistance. Christy enjoys connecting with people to have meaningful relationships and share her energy for life. Success is not a question, just an attitude and determination to make it happen. Excellence and continuous improvement is Christy’s measure of how to work. She loves to assist people to identify, nurture, refine, and stretch toward their strengths toward excellence. Capitalizing on the gifts God blessed them with is fun, productive and yields results! Christy enjoys action because that is the only thing that can make goals, dreams and aspirations happen. Risk and failure are platforms for growth, so Christy advocates the ongoing process of decision, action, evaluation, and adjustment. This learning informs us of what is next and leads to accomplishment and success! Her goal is to be a strategic partner to support professionals responsible for their own bottom line to 1) maximize vision, ideas, and efforts and 2) - develop cohesive plans and effective strategies to save time, energy and money.

Her credentials:
Owner and coach for Synergy Strategies, 2002 - present
Member of the Coachville Graduate School of Coaching, 2003-present
Member of the International Coach Federation 2003-present
CoachVille City Director for Raleigh, NC, 2005-2006
Certified Guerilla Marketing Coach, 2004
Certification from Coaches Training Institute (CTI) (Certified Coactive Professional Coach), 2003
Certification with Geier Learning to administer the DISC personality profile & other complimentary tools, 1998
Masters Degree in Marriage, Child and Family Counseling in 1997 from John F. Kennedy University in Campbell, CA., 1998
Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Psychology from the Wisconsin Lutheran College, 1995